Saturday, January 1, 2011


Is it just me or does time pass faster the older you get?
2010 seemed to fly by, but it treated the Galusha's pretty well!

We celebrated Rob's 25th birthday
I began my last year of college
I can't remember much else because I didn't have a blog yet...haha, sad.

Celebrated Valentine's Day, of course
Saw lots of snow (for Texas!)
Again, I didn't have a blog...memories are fuzzy!

After many months of blog-stalking...I started my own
I found out I was going to NYC for the first time
We spent a few fun days in San Antonio with KB & Nicole

Got to see far-away friends over Easter weekend
Spring fever hit our front yard after a snowy winter

Had our first lake weekend of the summer with besties
Had a stressful week of finals
Saw Oprah, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus & many others in NYC! (1, 2 & 3)
Savored the beginning of summer

Had many fun weekends with family & friends
Had a summer kick-off party & garage sale at our house
My brother turned the big three-oh
My Physics summer course began...GAG!

Enjoyed a fabulous 4th of July weekend
Celebrated 2 years of marriage
Had fun celebrating the marriage of friends
Celebrated my dad's birthday
Enjoyed many fun summer nights
Hosted my first blog giveaway
Had a fun getaway with fun friends
Continued my miserable Physics summer course

Ended the summer with a bang
Football was in full swing and we had our annual "c-wife" party
Celebrated the birth of my bestie
Celebrated my mom's birthday and my own birthday
Had our first game (and win) of the year

Football fun continued
The Cougars kept on winning!
Natalie stole my heart a little more

The Cougars won some MORE
Celebrated my future SIL & brother with a wedding shower
Still surprised myself with what a Coog I had become
My sweet girl turned THREE
Had my heart broken when I was diagnosed with PCOS

Shared with everyone about our baby trials
The Coogs began their playoff run
Continued to have many fun times with friends
We got to play at Jerry's World (but lost, unfortunately)

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biology
We bought our first "together" home (!!!)
Celebrated the birth of our Savior with our wonderful families

I know 2011 will be just as fabulous as 2010!
We've got a lot to look forward to :)

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